Lovely as the Week 25 update was, I completely neglected two of the best gifts we’ve gotten so far… first, the Edwards clan sent me a box of love – with treats and comfort galore! We dug into it pretty quick and I neglected to take a picture so you’ll just have to imagine how wonderful it was!

We also got the most amazing onesie from Auntie Emmy:

Yaaaaaaaaas! Thank you, Auntie! We love it already!

Speaking of Auntie Emmy, Eugene went to his first county fair this weekend! We met Auntie Em and Uncle Chris at The Great Geauga County Fair on Saturday afternoon and walked a lot and ate a lot of fair food. It was cold and rainy and it took us a while to figure out why it didn’t bother us at all – could it be a call back to our soggy German adventure of 2015? I think so!

Looks familiar, doesn’t it? 😂 We also spent a lot of time checking out strollers without being creepy (though we probably were) and judging the ones we didn’t like so much as discreetly as possible.

We also celebrated Shane’s birthday with his family, which was lovely as always. Family time will always be in abundance for Baby Eugene, that’s for sure! For even more Labor Day weekend fun, Mommy and Daddy spent Monday shopping. First for a rocker/recliner for Shane and then for more maternity gear for me! The cold snap we had this week was concerning for me – I only had one pair of maternity pants! All summer I’ve been in maxi dresses and shorts…I figured I could make it through the first few weeks of school in my dresses and sandals but this week’s 60 degree weather threw a wrench in my plans. Shane was such a good sport at the maternity store and helped me find some goodies on the clearance racks. Like the top I’m wearing below:

I wrapped up the week with a paint night with Emily, her friend Michele, and some f Michele’s family – it was a ton of fun! I was completely wiped out today at school but it was worth it.

I’ve officially hit the point where being tired makes everything rough…like my feet, for example. They are sore and slightly swollen. Not enough to be worrisome, but enough that I’m uncomfortable. I’ve also spent the week figuring out that my real shoes have virtually no support. I’ve been living in my Birkenstocks all summer (see photo above!) so I’m going to need some substantial replacements for when it’s too cold for sandals!

Ok that’s it! Baby is the size of a butternut squash…or about 1.8lbs…and 15.5″. Grow baby grow!!

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