Week 34

This was easily one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a while. From issues with the remodel to baby furniture debacles, to just a really long school week – I’m thankful that it’s over!

We started the week with our family pumpkin carving day at Emily and Chris’ house. We had good stuff to eat and good fun working on our masterpieces. Chris came behind each of us and cleaned up our designs – you can see way below what we actually came up with – not too shabby!

Ghost = Emily; Witch = Tonia; Big Owl = Chris; Scary Tree = Shane; Little Owl = Alison

We elected to not carve the Eugene or Sadie pumpkins so they’re just nice accents to the big ones!

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Week 33

Busy busy week!

We spent almost all of it either preparing for the painters or living in a construction zone while the painters worked from Monday morning until late Thursday. We picked a light gray for almost everything (SW Repose Gray) and a slightly deeper gray for the kitchen and bathrooms (SW Dorian Grey). They also painted all of the doors and trim and ceilings and holy moly it’s amazing how good it looks! Once the house is put back together I’ll post some pictures.

We had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and everything is looking good. I’ve gained about 35 pounds…way more than I intended to, but still not too bad. My blood pressure was also much better this time – 132/78! For someone who has dealt with hypertension – and white coat hypertension – and freak yourself out and raise your BP hypertension – I’ll take any good reading! When we left, Shane again complimented me on how well I’m/we’re doing. It’s been a pretty hellish 8 months in general so I’ll take whatever I can get. Thankfully, I’m ultimately feeling good. The foot swelling is uncomfortable and hurts a lot. I’m not a fan of how tired I am or that I need help standing. But otherwise, I feel great!

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Week 32

This week I’m feeling thankful…it was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day on Sunday and my heart just ached for my friends and family who have suffered in that way. Being pregnant after struggling so long should feel like a relief, but knowing that others are still on the road is heart breaking. Some days, each kick is a reminder that I have friends who have not yet realized their dreams and I’m so very sad for them…and so thankful for Eugene. This week is also a good reminder of how much of a fighter my dad is – from the beginning, the deck was stacked against him. He was born early at 4 pounds! It amazes me that in 1951, the doctors and nurses were able to keep him going at that size! That size, by the way, is right on par with Eugene. Stay in, little guy! We aren’t done baking!

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Week 31

I had a rough start to the week…I was still sick from whatever that cold thing was/is…probably should have started home again on Monday but I soldiered through and by Thursday I was feeling pretty human-like again!

We saw Dr. Fisher on Tuesday and everything is still looking good – including Mama losing three pounds! 🙌 I didn’t set out to lose but we have been making a concerted effort to make better choices so I was glad it’s paying off. She told us that we are doing a good job. Darn right we are! (I’m not sure what we are doing so I’m just going to take the compliment and keep plugging along!)

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Week 30

This has been quite the week.

We started with our baby shower on Saturday. Got lots and lots of amazingly generous gifts… Like I’ve said so many times, this baby is already so loved and we are so fortunate. We got pretty much everything we need at this point… furniture, diapers, bottles, a pack & play, more clothes than he will ever be able to wear, and so many books! We did the completely unoriginal thing and asked that people bring books instead of cards and got so many! I still have a few of my own childhood favorites to buy but he definitely has an established library!

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Baby Shower Day!

Our baby shower was absolutely beautiful. We decided, during one of our marathon hospital conversations with Dad, that it would be really nice to have it at Blue Canyon, our favorite “special occasion” restaurant. We knew it would be pricey, but Dad agreed to split it with us so we figured it would probably cost about the same as the other “DIY” showers we’ve had in the past. It would also be far less work! The setting is gorgeous, as you can see below, and required very little in the way of decorations. Shane and I purchased some decor for Eugene’s nursery that fit the theme of both the shower and the room, so we brought that along, Aunt Emily brought some of the goodies that she’s purchased for the nursery, along with wish and Bingo cards, and Aunt Tonia brought beautiful flowers – all wonderful, and all significantly less work than we’ve done in the past – #winning!

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Week 29!

Crazy to think that we’ve crossed over into the final “decade” of this pregnancy! 10 weeks to go (I feel like I was just only 10 weeks pregnant!).

Best news of the week: I passed my fasting glucose test! I also nearly passed out at Hobby Lobby after because I overestimated the power of the granola cups I ate after the screen was over. Oops! That was a rough day all together. Last week, the glucose drink wasn’t as bad, but this week on a completely empty stomach, it was rough, especially coupled with the inability to rinse the taste out of my mouth for three hours! I survived and I was well within the normal limits for every blood draw so I suppose, in the end, it was worth it!

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Week 28

First week of the third trimester down…12ish to go! 😳

We had a busy busy week! I had a glucose screen on Saturday, which I failed, though not miserably, just a little bit. That’s good news but the crappy news is that I now have to have the real three hour test on Saturday morning. I’ve done it before as part of all of our testing during Summer 2016 so I know what to expect but I’m not looking forward to it. Hanging out at the Cleveland Clinic lab for a few hours of my life – whoohoo! 🙄

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Week 27

Another week – and another trimester – in the bag!

It’s so hard to believe that I just finished my second trimester. I’ve heard it’s the easiest one…maybe on Mommy’s body, but emotionally, I will be thrilled to leave this time in the dust. I did feel good (physically) throughout but I’m ready for the next phase.

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Week 26

Lovely as the Week 25 update was, I completely neglected two of the best gifts we’ve gotten so far… first, the Edwards clan sent me a box of love – with treats and comfort galore! We dug into it pretty quick and I neglected to take a picture so you’ll just have to imagine how wonderful it was!

We also got the most amazing onesie from Auntie Emmy:

Yaaaaaaaaas! Thank you, Auntie! We love it already!

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