Week 39!

First, I can’t believe I’m writing a post called Week 39! It’s surreal to be at this point in the process. Shane is so ready…Eugene and I are hanging in there, me being really uncomfortable and him enjoying a few more days of warmth and quiet. Who can blame him? It’s peaceful on the inside!

Saturday was one of my favorite family traditions and certainly one of my top five Christmas events! We went to Manner’s Christmas Tree Farm for the sixth time (which is unreal…I remember so clearly the trip that Shane and I took out there when he first moved home to Ohio!) on Saturday morning with our peeps…and this year that included Grammy Ronda! What a treat! We had breakfast at Stockers on the Park in Thompson…including full size pieces of French toast 😂. Last year I got into it with the waitress because she was snotty with me when I asked about what constituted a piece of toast (half? Whole? It’s a good question!) We had the same waitress and we had lots of questions about the toast but regardless it was a lovely breakfast and a lovely drive to the farm!…for Sadie! She got lots of Grandma snuggles and was happy as a clam! The tree hunt was fun…we bought another Canaan Fir and I managed to ignore the people when they called it a canon fir. (PEOPLE. CANAAN IS A PLACE. YOU DON’T GET TO PICK ITS PRONUNCIATION.) Anyway, I managed to make it through the day without giving birth, which was ultimately my goal…that and not having to get pulled back out of the fields in one of the sleds!

laid low for the rest of the weekend…my feet are out of control and I’m completely uncomfortable so it was good to just relax. We did, of course, put our tree together (aka, Shane decorated and I tried to keep my emotions in check as my parents’ ornaments made their way out of the boxes) and it looks fantastic!

(Sadie is more impressed than she looks!)

We also had (potentially) our last weekly doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. Everything is still progressing. I’m three centimeters dilated, still 80% effaced but she said my cervix is softening so hopefully labor is imminent! Or maybe hopefully…I’m not sure how I feel about that. Dr Fisher also shared with us that she talked about us at the medical school this week… She said when I came in for my first appointment in June, she was sure I would develop preeclampsia, mostly because of my hypertension. She shared with the med students that sometimes there’s an anomaly and things go much better than expected – like with me! 🙌

This is from last week but it’s funny regardless…the third trimester in one picture. I had no idea Sadie was even there with me!

Our furniture was FINALLY delivered on Wednesday and we had a “nesting night” with our people to get everything put away. We got the clothes put away, the diaper sprayer installed (Chris Be Plumbin’), and the room put together. It looks pretty freakin good if I do say so myself!

And that’s about it! I’m due tomorrow 😳😳😳 so we will see how this all comes together! Once he’s here, I’ll post his birth story, and hopefully regular updates about Eug and our journey through parenthood. I’m so thankful to have this record of our journey so far and I’m sure I’ll be even more thankful to have the memories of Baby Eug’s start to life!

The size update…Eugene and me! He’s the size of a watermelon… 21.8″ long, 7.9 pounds.

And, the great bump progression…from the very first day of school to now!


Week 37

Another busy one! (I’m pretty sure I’ve said that for the past eight months!) We are officially into the ninth month and it definitely feels like it! Right around the middle of Week 36, I said to Shane (something along the lines of…) “all things considered, pregnancy has been pretty easy!” Around that time, it started to get difficult to get out of bed, off the couch, out of a chair…in other words, shut up Alison! 😂 I’m still feeling ok for the most part…I usually start the day with a contraction (and last night had a particularly painful one) but I think that’s just from getting dehydrated overnight. Still unpleasant but it’s definitely not actual labor. I’m sure I’ll be wishing for it sometime but today I need this baby to stay in!

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Week 36

Whew! So much happened this week – I’m glad I have lots of pictures to share otherwise I’m sure I’d have forgotten most of it! 😂

On Saturday morning, Em, Shane, and I drove south to Athens to see Nanny and meet our newest family member, our cousin Wilfred Henry! It was a super exciting day. We spent some time with Nanny, heard some pretty fantastic stories, and made our way over to Andy and Michelle’s house to meet their son! OMG what a cutie! You’ll have to take my word for it though – that’s for his mommy and daddy to share pictures. Trust me – he’s adorable. We had lunch and some baby time and my wonderful cousin gave Shane some Daddy lessons. Super Aunt Katie is there to help them so we had the added bonus of seeing a ton of family at once! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – we are blessed to have such a wonderful family and I’m so glad that Eugene will have the same. (And a cousin four-ish weeks apart in age! How awesome is that?)

Alison, Nanny, and Emily

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Week 34

This was easily one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a while. From issues with the remodel to baby furniture debacles, to just a really long school week – I’m thankful that it’s over!

We started the week with our family pumpkin carving day at Emily and Chris’ house. We had good stuff to eat and good fun working on our masterpieces. Chris came behind each of us and cleaned up our designs – you can see way below what we actually came up with – not too shabby!

Ghost = Emily; Witch = Tonia; Big Owl = Chris; Scary Tree = Shane; Little Owl = Alison

We elected to not carve the Eugene or Sadie pumpkins so they’re just nice accents to the big ones!

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Egg Retrieval Day!

Egg Retrieval Day!

We got to RGI around 7:45, Shane dropped off his sample, and then by 8:15 I was with the anesthetist and getting settled in. The whole process is quick – I think…I was out for it! Before I was really aware, I was being moved into recovery and was chatting with the embryologist. From ten follicles, they were able to retrieve five eggs. They expect 80% success in each stage…so four should fertilize, and three should be ready for implanting or freezing. That is our best case scenario. The embryologist should be calling us tomorrow with an update about progress. Fingers and toes crossed! 💙💖

Sadie and I were Roe-ing in the embryo leggings I bought for transfer and implanting day!

Post-op – happy news and super dry mouth!

Recovering at home

Rough day for Shane too

Late night snuggles with Sadie while I wait for meds