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  • Mama’s Voice
    My son Finnegan and I finished our nursing journey this week after sixteen months. Like his brother before him, he nursed full time for a year, then we slowly weaned for the next four months. Though I intentionally weaned them, I didn’t force either of my boys to stop. I knew that I would know […]
  • Grandma E.
    This one hurts. A lot. When my mom was pregnant with me, she asked my great uncle to be my “grandpa” because she was sad that, because she lost her father years prior, I would only have one grandfather. Of course, Grandpa’s wife is Grandma, and thus began one of the most important relationships of […]
  • 13 Months, Again!
    I like to think that someday, I’ll come back and write a post for each month of sweet Finnegan’s first year, but for now, let’s all just meet me where I am, and celebrate the fact that our Finny is 13 months old! Finnegan is an absolute delight. He’s happy 99% of the time and […]
  • 13 Months of Finny Fun