As compared to my comfort level with Ireland, I am feeling pretty good about our jaunt through England. I’ve been twice, but more importantly, it’s the mother land – literally! My mom and her family are from England and emigrated here in the late 1960s. What’s really great about that is she still has a lot of family there. One branch we are particularly close with live in the Weston-super-Mare area, so we’ll be starting our time in England on the west coast.

As I said, I’ve been twice, but Shane hasn’t been at all, so it’ll be great to have the chance to show him around and introduce him to my aunt and cousins. We will probably visit Bath while we’re in Weston – it was one of the highlights of my last trip and I know Shane will love it too.


After we see my family, we are moving on to London. We’ll be there for five days so we have a lot of opportunity for a lot of fun! One day, we are taking advantage of the London Pass and going on overdrive from the Tower of London to a boat cruise down the Thames to Westminster to Westminster Abbey to the Churchill War Rooms. The London Pass doesn’t cover everything, and is fairly expensive unless you make it worth your while like we are! The pass is about $80 for the day, and those admissions without the pass would be about $110.

Because this won’t be my first trip to London, I’m also hoping to see some things I haven’t seen before. We’ll have to walk the fine line of making sure Shane sees the majors and letting me see something new! Our to-do list for London includes: Hyde Park, Harrod’s, British Museum, National Gallery, Victoria & Albert, British Library, Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Little Venice, and more! We’re also planning to see a play in the West End and at the Globe. Lots to do and see!

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