More on Ireland…

Since last we shared about our Irish progress (does that involve whiskey? maybe Guiness?) we’ve made a few decisions…

1) We are planning to take the Wild Wicklow Tour to Glendalough. It’s only $38/person so I think it will be worth it for all it includes (Short City tour; Coastal drive past Dun Laoghaire Harbor (which is where we will pick up the tour), Dalkey and Killiney; Avoca Handweavers; Glendalough; Pub Lunch; Sally Gap Adventure). I’m not a fan of bus tours, having spent 30 days on one the first time I traveled to Europe, but it seems as though this is our best option. It’s got great reviews on Trip Advisor too!

2) We have really debated the best way to see some non-Dublin sites in the most efficient way because we only have 4.5 days. The solution we’ve come up with is a ride on the DART light rail system from our home base in Dun Laoghaire to both Howth and Malahide. The ride will take us all around the Irish Sea inlet near Dublin and should provide for some pretty great views.

I’ve mentioned Malahide before, but Howth is a little different. Because we don’t have much time, we won’t make it to the Cliffs of Moher or Cork or Waterford… Howth will be the next best thing. The Howth Coastal Path will give us what we’re looking for – a nice walk around a beautiful, iconically Irish village and overlook.

I feel so much better having a general plan. We don’t have to (and likely won’t!) stick to the plan exactly, but with such little time, we need to have some game plan going in so we don’t waste our four days!

PS: I also just figured out that we will have to leave Ireland for our flight to Bristol at 4:00am. Shh – don’t tell Shane! 🙂

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