Last Minute Details

We leave for our honeymoon in less than 24 hours and I am ecstatic! (Shane is at work so he’s less ecstatic right now but come midnight tonight, look out!) Sadie wants to come too…but she’ll be off to Camp Grandpa for fun of her own!

sadie suitcase

We are both packed, mostly. The to-do list is shrinking – all that’s left to do at this point is last minute bookings. We are paying for most of our activities ahead of time because it’s cheaper and in some cases, required. We are estimating that we’ve saved about $100 in booking ahead. Most places discount their attractions by about 10% and with the cost of some of them, that 10% definitely adds up! 

So away we go! We are planning to update as frequently as possible – hopefully every day. Thanks for following us across the British Isles! Salinte! Cheers!

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