Train to Howth

The honeymooners’ bump up was a no go. The plane was overbooked so we were out of luck – what a bummer! Our seats were tight and uncomfortable but who cares? We’re on our honeymoon! Lots of snuggling time for us!

Our arrival in Dublin was so easy it’s barely worth mentioning…but I will! Customs were a breeze. We are definitely welcome guests. While in line we met the couple that sat behind us on the plane – they were Irish ex-pats living in Canada, returning home for a visit. They were friendly and helpful. Certainly the best part of travel is meeting new people!

Our Aircoach ride into Dun Laoghaire was a less than warm welcome to Dublin…the host and driver were both as cold as the weather. Never mind though, getting to our B&B, the Windsor Lodge, was a piece of cake. It was a two minute walk from the bus stop, which was perfect after a challenging day of travel. Our host was away, but her husband Tony was happy to help us. He showed us to our lovely room at the top of the house overlooking their backyard. The only issue with the room was the size of the shower – wow was it small! Poor Shane definitely struggled.

From our hotel, we went to the DART station for our tickets for passage to Howth/Malahide. The man in the DART station couldn’t have been better. He was friendly, helpful, and was kind…our tickets were €48 but we only had €47…and he gave us the tickets anyway! So nice. We haven’t been able to stop talking about how nice he was!

Our journey – Shane’s first train ride – was beautiful. The train took us all around Dublin Bay.

We ended in Howth, a picturesque fishing village. We walked the Main Street and the two piers. One was more of a working pier – there were fishermen and their boats everywhere! We found a little place called The Oar House for a fish and chips dinner. It was so fresh and so yummy! Right off the boats!

We left the restaurant and walked the other, more pedestrian pier, and found a sailing race. The happy accident made for great, relaxing views. It was all very reminiscent of Greece, but chilly.

Next was a trip to Malahide, an iconic Irish village, but not anything like Howth. This town was full of painted facades, enormous hanging baskets, and a medieval castle. The castle was already closed for the day, but we had a lovely stroll through the town and castle grounds – and even had an ice cream. We rode the DART back to Dun Laoghaire and crashed after a very long and fabulous two days!

3 responses to “Train to Howth”

  1. What a nice trip! And to see it as an adventure! How great! Have fun and enjoy each day! This is a trip of a lifetime! Luv u guys! ,


  2. Have an amazing time you guys. Nothing like a trip to one of the most beautiful countries on Earth next to the one you love the most. Have a safe trip home! Miss and love you immensely!


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