A Day of Irish Drinking

Today was fabulous! We saw the Guinness Storehouse, Kilmainham Gaol, and Jameson Distillery.

We started by checking out of the Windsor Lodge and into the Royal Marine Hotel. They were ready for the Honeymooners – we are in a king sized sea front room – fabulous!

From there we went back to the city – starting at Marion Square, home of the Oscar Wilde statue. Shane climbed up with him – the perfect photo op!

The Guinness Storehouse was great – the museum/exhibit was so well done – from the bin of barley to the Wicklow Mountain water, the entire storehouse was so fascinating. At the end, we each had a perfect pint of Guinness – complete with clover in the head – awesome. We drank our pints in the Gravity Bar which features the best view of all of Dublin!

We booked it to Kilmainham Gaol and couldn’t get on a tour for an hour so we found a grocery and ate a picnic lunch of a chicken sandwich, crisps, water and fruit on the lawn of the Modern Museum of Art. Lovely! Lushy!

The jail was awesome. We were in awe for the whole tour. It was great – seeing the places where the Easter uprising crew were held was so moving! The Victorian wing of the jail was so well laid out – Shane was fascinated by the whole thing!

Jameson Distillery doesn’t have a great reputation as a tour … And rightfully so ! It feels canned, not lively at all, and was full of grouchy tourists. The best part, by far, was that Shane was able to participate in the whisky tasting period. He is now a certified whisky taster – as if he wasn’t already.

We decided to eat in Dun Laoghaire – which turned out to be a mistake! Everything closed at 10 pm – what a surprise! No kitchens were open at all. The hotel was no help for finding anything … So we walked, and walked, and walked ….to no avail. In the end , we found Apache Pizza and treated ourselves to “American” junk food…pizza and Chinese food! We dragged ourselves back to the hotel to nosh and prepare for our journey eastward!

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