Day 2 in the West

After Liz let us sleep in until 10:00, we had a lovely breakfast of toast and coffee and set out for a lunch at Matt and Mel’s farmhouse.

Their garden was perfect for children to run around – which is exactly what they were doing when we got there! We had lots of time to push three year olds on swings, visit, eat, and enjoy the company of our cousins. Matt and Mel’s house was fantastic – so old and so well kept. Iconic of a typical English farmhouse.

After the bigger family party, we went back to Liz’s for a few hours of chill time; while we were there, George, Liz’s son, and his wife Hailey came down and brought their daughter Astrid. We had a lovely visit with them and then when Glynn came home from work, a fantastic fish and chips dinner! Redemption for the crap in Greystone! We took a wonderful walk on the seafront after dinner and Shane was able to see the pier and beach area. Lovely!

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