Bath Time!

Today was a great day to take a (trip to) Bath! We set out in the morning with Robert and Aunt Eve down the narrow twisty roads that lead to the Georgian city of Bath. We met up with Andrew, Georgie, and the kids in the car park and took the city bus into town. We dropped the Tinkers at Victoria Park and Shane and I set off on our own…and quickly discovered that we were without our debit cards to get pounds. Ugh! Luckily we happened to have some dollars so we exchanged…and I won’t mention what we lost because I may soak my phone in tears but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. It was enough to let us into the Roman Baths, so we set off through history.

The Baths’ museum has been changed since last I was there which was fantastic – I don’t mind goon back, but a new experience was perfect for us both. The healing waters revitalized our touristic spirit after two days of resting our feet. What more could you want – it’s like going to Rome…in England! Unfortunately, because it was the 100th anniversary of England entering World War I, the Abbey was preparing for an evening service and we weren’t able to inside so Shane missed out on that. He didn’t, however, miss out on ice cream!

We had some tasty treats with the Tinkers before we headed down to the Avon River and took a boat tour. There wasn’t a ton to see but that didn’t take away from how relaxing the trip was. The one hour tour went past people’s backyards for a while so if nothing else, we had a great time checking out how the people of Bath live!

Following the boat tour, we headed back out of the city and said our sad goodbyes to Andrew, Georgie and the kids and made our way to Bristol for dinner on the patio of the hotel where our cousins Phil and Kitty were married. There is a dramatic suspension bridge in the background of the beautiful setting – not a bad place for a pizza!

After dinner, we went back to Liz and Glynn’s house for tea and to watch coverage of the World War I tribute. It was really amazing to be in England for such an important occasion. Shane and I both commented frequently that if we weren’t there, we wouldn’t understand the gravity of the anniversary. We participated in the hour of darkness and then spent some time Skyping Sheila, Emily, and Ronda.

It was a great day…except for having to say our goodbyes. It’s so special to be able to go Weston to see our cousins but it’s also so sad to have to say goodbye for so long when we do. I’m thankful for the time and for the memories!

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