Deutschland 2015

A few months ago I accidentally discovered the wonder that is flying out of Toronto. Friends had advised us to consider flying through Toronto…but I didn’t understand that they meant “drive yourself to Toronto and get on the cheap flights overseas!” For what we paid to fly to Dublin from Cleveland, we can fly to Sydney from Toronto. Crazy! We aren’t…maybe next time…but for half the cost of our honeymoon tickets, we are flying to Zurich! 

So here we go again – this time as a group of four. We are traveling with my sister, Emily, and her fiancé, Chris. We are flying in and out of Zurich and are planning to see the following: 

  • Berner Oberland/Murren, Switzerland
  • Neuschwanstein/Fairy Tale Castles near Fussen, Germany
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • Munich, Germany
  • Rothenburg and the Romantic Road, Germany
  • Rhine River, Germany
  • Black Forest, Germany

We have booked three of six hotels so far and are considering AirBnB for Munich. Our goal in each place is to save money by booking apartment style rooms that will allow us to all stay together and yet have some privacy as well. It’s a challenge but is well worth it with the amount of money we will save. 

We are also considering grouping the last three stops into one so we aren’t moving around each night. So far the best option I can figure out is Heidelberg. My buddy Rick Steves isn’t a fan for its lack of character, but for location and proximity to the sites, that might be it! 

So the planning process continues. I’m beyond thrilled to have the chance to travel overseas in back to back years and I’m so excited to share this part of the world with Shane and Chris. 77 days to go!

One response to “Deutschland 2015”

  1. Wow, only 77 days til your second trip of a lifetime! We’re so happy and excited for you all 😊 The itinerary sounds fabulous!!! Can’t wait to follow your journey and share in the experience with you once again!!! Keep another awesome journal so someday we can use them to plan our European trip ✈ Love ya, Mom and Hank 😍


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