The YYZ Observer

After a four hour drive that began with dropping Sadie off at Camp Grandpa, we have arrived at Toronto International Airport. We found our favorite lounge to relax and watch the Cavs…and unfortunately, Game 6 is looking pretty rough.

So here we sit, waiting for our flight. Emily found a book list and fluffy magazine, Chris is reading about boats, Shane is watching The Donald kick off his presidential campaign, and I’m documenting it all… 🙂

Tomorrow is our drive to Murren from the Zurich Airport – our first real international driving experience! We are renting a small SUV for our two week trek…and promptly dropping it off at the bottom of a mountain. Murren is car-free so once we arrive in Laurerbrunnen, we will take the cable car up the mountain for two days of Alpine fun – hiking, gondolas, and with any luck, lots of yodeling!

But first, we wait! One hour to boarding!

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