Ready for the Alps!

We are ready for Switzerland! The overnight flight was long, as is expected…unfortunately, Emmy and I ended up in the middle seats…as in, the middle of the plane! The very small woman next to me took up as much space as a very large man, so that was fun. No amount of hints got her to close her legs or give up the arm rest… Emily’s experience was similar – why can’t peeps take pity on the middle person??

The Paris airport is very interesting. On one hand, it looks like Tomorrowland at Disney World. On the other, it is inefficient and archaic. We went through security twice after our transatlantic flight – what?! For weary travelers, this was somewhat disconcerting news. After trekking across the airport and riding people movers with hills (!!!), we found our Swiss Air flight, and here we sit!

After this short hop, we will be ready for the Alps! I can’t wait! 🙂

Ps: Best Flight Ever – they had strawberry ice cream and chocolate as the in-flight snacks – are you serious?!


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