Cruising the Countryside

We spent today making our way from Murren to Fussen, Germany, but first my crew indulged me and let me take a stroll through Gimmelwald, one of Rick Steves’ favorite spots. It was beautiful and peaceful and I was super glad we chose Murren. There wasn’t much happening in the village (which can, of course, be a good thing!) but I really enjoyed the quiet tourism of Murren.

After one last gondola cruise (the steepest and, for me anyway, scariest!), we set off for Lucerne, our first pit stop of the day. I was there twelve years ago but didn’t spent much time so my memories aren’t super clear but I remembered the old bridge and lots of shops – and we explored both! It’s really a beautiful town – very grand in places – and we enjoyed checking it out! (Em and I also found the nicest bathroom in the basement of the Best Western – thanks for the free wee!)

On the way down the mountains, we stopped at some pull offs for photo ops – then on we went! Through mountains, tunnels, hills, valleys, turns, twists, three countries, and finally, the tiny town of Fussen. We caught up with the tourist parade, though even now, with a window that overlooks a bunch of restaurants, it’s very quiet in the town. Interesting.

 The rain found us as we wound through Germany and into the town. Parking was…fun…and finding the hotel was somewhat frustrating but once we had everything squared away, we settled into our beautiful room! It’s an apartment style room (City Apart Hotel) right in the pedestrian zone (hence the difficulty in parking and locating the place!). We have two bedrooms and a kitchen! Wow!

 After we settled in, we set out to find dinner – and landed at a Rick Steves recommended place, Restaurant Ritterstub’n. First, buh bye Switzerland, you are TOO EXPENSIVE. Next, wow awesome dinner! We all had some kind of German yumminess, from schnitzel to sausage – even a sausage/Bologna salad!

So now we are back at the hotel settled in for the night, ready to head out for a fun filled day tomorrow!

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