Salzburg Greetings! 

The hills are alive, people. Run!

I crack myself up. Anyway! We rolled into Salzburg after a failed toboggan attempt near Neuschwanstein (apparently they don’t run in the rain!) and a pretty easy drive. Our hotel is Hotel Sallerhof right outside of the city in a suburb called Grödig. It’s a fabulous hotel – Em and I stayed here nine years ago – with fabulous prices! Four stars to be exact! We love it here!

After we settled in, we took the Rick Steves self-guided tour of the old town and saw most of the major sites – or the outside of them anyway. We also bumped into some sexy Germans along the way!

 We spent some time exploring the squares and St Peter’s Cemetary and Church before making our way to the Getreidegasse for some dinner – Italian, per Chris’ request and our desire to skip bratwurst and potatoes for the night.

   We also stopped at the Festival Theater as we made our way to dinner, but as predicted, it was closed. Too bad – I wanted to sing on the same stage as the Von Trapps! We did find the stairs and doorway…but no stage and no arches. 😦

After our delish dinner, we visited the Mirabel Gardens, danced around the Sound of Music fountain, jumped up and down the steps (and tried to not fall…) and did a lot of singing! We rewarded ourselves with some yummy ice cream (our daily treat!) and jumped back on our bus to Grödig and put our feet up as we planned our big day out in Salzburg!

     Auf Wiedersehen, Good night!

3 responses to “Salzburg Greetings! ”

  1. Loved Salzburg 😉 that church, GORGEOUS!!! The fountain, beautiful 😉 the hotel looks lovely and you girls really lucked out finding those sexy German men!!!


  2. Love those sexy germans. If there is such a thing LOL Gorgeous places even in the Rain. Miss you more adventures to follow for you XOXOX


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