River, Rescheduled

This morning we got up intending to sail the Rhine downstream to St. Goar, visit, then head back to Bacharach for a drive up to Burg Eltz, one of Rick Steves’ coveted three triangle destinations. 

We got up, had some more yummy German/continental breakfast (meats, cheeses, yogurt, etc.) and set out for the boat to St. Goar. On the trip, we found another set of Rick Steves fans who were headed in the same direction for the same sights. They forgot their book (much like our friends from Wisconsin from the night before – we made friends on the self-guided tour who were also Ricky fans) so they listened in to Tour Guide Barbie’s narration of the Rhine highlights (the Mrs. is pictured below with Tour Guide Barbie!). We saw castles and rocks and ridges and reefs all adding to the Rhine’s legends and myths.

 As it was Sunday, St. Goar didn’t have much going on except lots of people riding bikes everywhere. We got back to the boat after an hour of exploration and ran into Minnesota who informed us that the roads were closed…the abundance of bikes weren’t a coincidence, they were participants in an annual biking event along the Rhine – roads are closed to all cars, trucks, buses, etc. Very cool for the cyclists – crappy for our plans! We rode back to Bacharach with our Florida friends and stopped at the Post Hof Reataurant for lunch. What a great location! It’s in a courtyard at the base of the ruined chapel behind the town’s original post office. Great location, pretty good food. We had flatbreads and some traditional food (pohhhhhk!) in a beautiful location – with a ton of bikers.

       We decided to take the train to Koblenz to see the Deutsches Eck – the place where the Rhine and Mosel Rivers come together. It’s also a place of German pride as it symbolizes the unification of the country. We didn’t see much in Koblenz, but we did enjoy the train ride, stroll down the promenade and, the coolest part, is that’s where Chris’ family is from.

 After our train ride back to Bacharach, we ran into our Floridian friends in the middle of town and they told us they were thinking of going to Zeus, the local Greek restaurant. We couldn’t decide what we wanted so that sealed the deal for us. What yummy food! I’m a sucker for Greek food anyway, but this was delicious! The company was great, the atmosphere was great – what more could you want? We enjoyed chatting with them some more before we said our good nights and made our way back to the pension for another patio night – our last of the trip. 😦

    Even though we were rerouted and couldn’t go where we wanted to go, we had a great day exploring the region and experiencing the Rhine. One more day… 😦

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