We got big news today.

Not BIG news, but big news.

I tried all of the ovulation predictor “stuff” for three months solid, a little over a year ago. We tried for six months to no avail so I figured I should try something else. I bought the tests, bought the thermometer, and started “checking.” (I’ll leave it at that!) Each day, nothing. No signs. No dramatic spike in temperature, no positive signs of being fertile. It was frustrating – and expensive – to see the same news every day.

Eventually, I gave up.

I pretty much gave up entirely on the process at that point because I knew I had to wait a year to talk to my gynecologist about it (generally speaking, they won’t talk fertility until you’ve tried for a year {or six months if you’re 35+}) and frankly, I’d just had enough. I didn’t want to talk about it – I was just over it.

Back to the news. I woke up today and figured I would start testing for ovulation. I shouldn’t be super fertile until Day 14 (today is Day 10) but I figured I would check. Ovulation kits take forever to display results, so while I was waiting, I continued to get ready in the other room while the test worked its magic. Shane walked past the test while he was getting ready himself – and said “smiley face?” Not knowing much about the tests, he didn’t understand the enormity of the flashing face, but did when I ran back into the bathroom to read him the results!

I never thought I would be so happy to see a smiley face on a stick!

This is by no means a positive pregnancy test, but I am so happy and so thankful that today we had a positive sign. After seeing only negativity for so long, it feels really good to get good news.


PS: I finished my Clomid cycle yesterday. Five days of erratic emotions and two days of a massive headache climaxed into a splitting headache that kept my eyes half open for most of Friday evening. The cycle was OK…better than I expected, but the side effects were strange at best. The erratic heart rate while working out was my personal least favorite, and I’m sure Shane was happy to work second shift for the mood swings, but the good news is – it’s over!


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