Solid. Smiley. 

Today is the miracle day. Or the first of many, I hope!

Today we got the Solid Smiley.

The solid smiley face on a Clearblue Digital fertility test indicates peak fertility – or an LH hormone surge in your body. The egg has been released.

For someone who probably has either never or not recently ovulated, this is huge news.

We walked around the auto show yesterday and I whispered to Shane that I had symptoms to share – sore boobs and pain in my lower abdomen – specifically on the left side. I was excited to test again  when we got home but saw the same result we’ve had for days – the flashing smiley.

This morning, one of my many fertility apps told me that, based on my data, I probably missed my window. My most fertile day was Friday and now we are decreasing in fertility until next month. Big Frowny Face. I diligently took the ovulation test then took a bath. For a while.

When I got out of the tub, I got the surprise of the day – the Solid Smiley.

I, needless to say, screamed excitedly for Shane (who, poor guy, was asleep and thought he was in trouble for sleeping too long!) to come and see the miracle stick! We of course cried tears of joy. Who knew this was possible for me? For us?

And now the wait begins…

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