Banks Bound

In the grand tradition of travels with The Brennens, thus begins another set of blogs!

We set off at midnight today for Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The drive has largely uneventful, except for the driver behind us being rear ended as we detoured across Virginia. The tail gating is real, people. 

The vacation is exciting but the best part is that we are headed this way for MY SISTER’S WEDDING!!!!!! So exciting! (I think she would tell you that the most exciting part is that the planning is done!) 

I haven’t been to the OBX since before they called it that and I’m so excited to go back. I’m even more excited to share my childhood vacation spot with my hubby. 

By the way, our packing for this trip is ridiculous. We pride ourselves on taking tiny suitcases/backpacks for two weeks in Europe but have packed the Subaru to the gills and conned Emily and my dad to haul some of it bigger things for us. Go figure. 

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