Another year.

We are coming up on the one year mark of when we asked for help. I saw my gynecologist in August, had an abnormal pap test, and had to go through the process of getting that straightened around. I’m currently waiting on my period to begin so that I can call my fertility doctor to begin treatment and testing.

We went to Reproductive Gynecology, a fertility clinic in Akron, right after school was out in June. Two things slowed us down, despite the urgency with which Dr. Nash approached our case: my extremely long cycles and our upcoming beach vacation. Before the slow down, I was so impressed with Dr. Nash. My complaint with my gynecologist was the speed and urgency with which she approached my case. Very, very slow treatment, and even slower testing. When Shane and I arrived at the clinic for our first appointment at the beginning of June, we were immediately whisked back into the offices before I’d even finished registering at the window. The physician who did our intake paperwork was thorough and incredibly compassionate. Not to the point of being mushy, but he certainly conveyed his concern for us and our history. He finished with us after a few minutes and let us know that Dr. Nash would see us soon. Not five minutes later, we were ushered into Dr. Nash’s office and he bustled in, ready to take action. He immediately diagnosed me with PCOS, despite my objections (my gynecologist has looked for that diagnosis in the past, but didn’t see any cysts on my ovaries so therefore, it was ruled out. Dr. Nash asked me a series of questions and then confirmed that, yep, I had it! Done, as he said!) and then set forth with a plan for our treatment. He assured us that he is aggressive with his treatment and testing – in fact, he does both at once. He ran through the treatment process, spun our heads around, and then whisked us into the next room for an ultrasound. The test was clear so we were ushered down the hall for blood work and then back to an exam room to meet with a nurse. At that point, we figured out the issue with the timing of the vacation so were essentially just told to “call on Day 1!” It was the farewell we were offered by nearly everyone in the office as we left, from the phlebotomist, to the nurses, to Dr. Nash, to the receptionist…and by the way, we left after about an hour and a half in the office. We had hardly any waiting at all during every step of the way, complete attention, and intense compassion from every member of the staff.

We knew that we had to delay our treatment/testing until we returned from the Outer Banks, and here we are! We are so pleased to have chosen this clinic, even though all we’ve done is meet with them!

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