We headed back down to Akron this morning for another ultrasound to check on the developing follicles with Dr. Nash. Thankfully, we had two good looking follicles and a healthy looking lining, so after he gave us the OK, a nurse came in and administered the trigger shot to make ovulation happen!

We met with another nurse to go over our chart and make sure everything is progressing according to plan; we both have another test to take (semen analysis for Shane, obviously, and glucose/insulin testing for me) this week and then will meet with Dr. Nash in two weeks to discuss our plan if, God forbid, this cycle doesn’t work.

We kept everyone at bay through this process because we just didn’t know how to feel about it. Frankly, as I’m writing this in a private post, we’re still keeping most people at bay, for so many reasons. It’s difficult to know what to say when people ask…how much do you share? Do they really want to know, or are they just asking the “next” question in the cycle of life? It reminds me of the awkward statements people made after my mom died. No, I’m not doing well, but you don’t want to know that, right? You want me to smile and say things are fine. People try to ask the polite questions, but to us, they’re gut wrenching. There is no good answer, so we just avoid it. For the most part, our strategy works – it’s left us alone…but it’s left us to be alone in an already isolating situation. We are so blessed, however, to have gotten so much love and support lately. Tonight, one of our dear family members sent the picture below and some really, really kind words that made us both thankful that we did open up…we’re thankful to have so much love and support as we journey toward parenthood. ❤


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