Sugary Sweetness

I got up early this morning to take the glucose tolerance, both the twelve hour fasting and the “drink the stuff” tests. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting – the drink wasn’t tasty, but it wasn’t horrendous. Extra surgery Gatorade, maybe. Anyway, I got my three hourly blood draws, got a bunch of school work done, and went on my way! Hoping for good results when we meet with Dr. Nash in a couple of weeks.

The picture above was on my TimeHop this morning…one year ago, when I originally shared it on social media, I was feeling the need for some reassurance as we prepared to go to my gynecologist for help conceiving. I think we still need some reassurance because, of all the journeys I’ve taken in my life, this is the most uncertain, and frankly, the most frustrating. Despite these uncertainties and frustrations, I have to remind myself that this is our journey – and it’s OK. The scripture in the picture, Romans 8:18, has gotten me through some pretty dark times…in fact, coincidentally, I read it and internalized it about a month before my mom died, sixteen years ago. When I needed to be reminded of the light in a very, very dark world, these are the words that carried me through. So today, I’m trusting again that goodness coming to our lives because we’re ready. We’re ready for the joy. ❤

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