Kindness from Strangers

I’ve discovered that there are a whole lot of loving people in the infertility community who are all too happy to step up and share their stories and lend comfort to a terrible  – and frankly, terrifying – process. This kindness didn’t come from a fellow IVF patient – but from someone on the completely opposite end of the fertility spectrum. I ordered stickers for my planner (because, duh) for all of the IVF stuff and got the sweetest note from the girl who created the stickers. Background: speaking of communities, the paper planner community is amazing! I’d always used cheap (usually school-provided) planners or electronic calendars until two years ago when I discovered that a paper planner or list keeps me way more organized. Plus, what’s more satisfying than drawing a big purple line through a task once it’s completed? Nothing! I used an Erin Condren last year and am using a Happy Planner this year. Etsy is home to a TON of planner accessories, including, yep, stickers! Sometimes they get in the way of actual planning but mostly, they’re adorable and if they can keep me even more organized through a process that looks to be fairly overwhelming, then yay!


Anyway, the note is below. I know that, in general, people don’t know what to say, so when someone says just the right thing, it can make all of this that much more bearable. If you’re intrigued by these planner stickers, go check out her Etsy store – This Very Crafty Mama.

UPDATE: I told Shane this story tonight and looked her up on Instagram. Not only is she into LulaRoe so we are obviously friends anyway, but we discovered that she is also a police dispatcher and her husband is a police officer. We were pretty chuffed to find that our far away supporter is part of another of our communities. There is strength in support!


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