CYCLE DAY 1. (Again.)

In the interest of oversharing, I got my period today, which makes this Cycle Day 1. I think. I have a call into the nurses to find out if I count today or tomorrow. If it’s today, the timeline below is correct:

Day 1: call doctor, check in. (9/23) – done

Day 3: start birth control pill (9/25) – done

Day 12: hysteroscopy and blood work, order injectable medications (10/4)

Day 19: IVF consent, Shane blood work, injection lessons, ultrasound (10/11)

Days 20-29: lots of shots, probably some ultrasounds

Day 29: Egg retrieval, semen deposit (around 10/21)

Day 33: Transfer of Day 5 blastocyst (around 10/26…five days after retrieval)

Day 38: HCG/pregnancy test at RGI (around 10/30…nine days after retrieval) I’m not sure when we will make this blog public, but if it is before Day 38, we will NOT announce one way or the other for a little while. Just an FYI. 🙂

We went to the required IVF meeting in Akron on Wednesday night with at least twenty other IVF couples…from every walk of life…which was oddly comforting. The embryologist who conducted the meeting did a great job of explaining the whole IVF process and what goes into each step, from the very beginning through the final test. I haven’t been able to read enough about it, but for Shane, this was a great foundation for the information he’s going to need as we go through all of these steps!

Tomorrow I’ll hit up CVS for my birth control (counterintuitive, right?) so we can shut down production before it’s amped up for the end of the cycle. Here we go!

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