Nausea, Heartburn

I pretty much feel like I’m living a commercial for some sort of indigestion medication. The combination of my meds have destroyed my appetite because everything tastes terribly and makes me so uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Poor Shane made some amazing home made sloppy joe’s – no Manwich for us! They tasted SO good on Sunday and then on Monday (when I started another medication) they made me so sick. Heartburn like crazy all night.

Tuesday is our hysteroscopy and the following Tuesday is our consent, blood work, ultrasound, and shot lessons. I should start injections that following weekend (around the 15th). Hopefully that timing is correct because I have a long weekend then – it would be good to have some time at home to adjust to becoming a human pincushion.

We got the medication quote from the pharmacy and it was $1700 less than we were expecting – wow! It’s still $3300, but that is FAR less than we were expecting to pay. Great news for us! Everything looks like nonsense at this point, but I’m betting we will be experts at all of this very soon!

This week was also our third wedding anniversary (I have to say “wedding” because I like anniversaries! First meeting, first date, first plane ride, etc. but my dear husband says I now only get ONE anniversary. Rude.). This whole process has given us such ups and downs but ultimately, the most important thing is there is no one else in the world that I would want to go through this with…he is the most amazing support I could ever hope to imagine…as much as he wants a baby, he wants what is best and healthiest for us. Thankful isn’t enough, but I’ll say it anyway – thanks bun – I’m thankful for you.

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