Family Time

Family Time.

The journey of telling our friends and family about all of this has evolved from complete silence to slowly letting people in. We’ve now told most of our family about our intended journey, but we still haven’t told everyone, for so many reasons. The most important reason is usually that we prefer to tell everyone in person. This is a lot of information to take in for us, and for our families, and it’s much easier to do it in person. In fact, we met just last night with Shane’s mom and stepdad, grandparents, and sister and we told them all of the gritty details about our entire journey. They were, as was expected, so supportive of it all. It’s taken us this long because Shane inherently very private, but we are working hard to veer away from that and toward openness and sharing. It will be a process, but all of this is easier with support.

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