Another Schedule Update

My attempt at an updated schedule with updates in italics:

Day 1: call doctor, check in. (9/23) – done

Day 3: start birth control pill (9/25) – done

Day 12: hysteroscopy and blood work, order injectable medications (10/4) – done

Day 19/26: IVF consent, Shane blood work, injection lessons, ultrasound (originally 10/11 – now 10/18)

NEW: Day 22: Hysteroscopic Polypectomy at Akron General Hospital; Meds arrive at FedEx

Days 27+: lots of shots, probably some ultrasounds (I’m guessing I will start injections right away…with my low follicle number at the last ultrasound, they’re concerned about leaving me on birth control for too long.)

Day 29/36: Egg retrieval, semen deposit (around 10/21 – probably around 10/28ish instead…about a week of stimming drugs)

Day 33: Transfer of Day 5 blastocyst (around 10/26…five days after retrieval…so Day 41 now)

Day 38: HCG/pregnancy test at RGI (around 10/30…nine days after retrieval…now this will be about Day 45…around 11/7ish)

Also, if you’re looking for more information about IVF or other things we mention or that just pop into your head, this is a great resource – Shady Grove Fertility. For example, if you want to read about what stimulating the ovaries looks like, this is a great page. If I’ve learned anything through this ENTIRE process, it’s that knowledge is everything – for everyone involved.

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