Shane and I signed our consents with Dr. Nash and Emily, one of the IVF nurses, yesterday afternoon…what a trip that is. What happens to the embryos in case of stopping IVF, divorce, or death?! OMG. We have ultimately decided that in nearly every case, we will donate the embryos to research. I’m not comfortable with donation to another couple or discard, so a donation to science will hopefully benefit other couples in the future. Just our personal decision!

After that we did the usual routine: ultrasound, blood work, urine sample. Quite the rotation. Yuck.

After that fun in the lab, we sat down with Emily and went over the injections and medication instructions in general. All told, I will have two injections and four medications daily, along with an aspirin and Vitamin D3. (Yes, in addition to all of the other meds I’m already on!) We are starting meds this weekend, Saturday specifically, which is great because that means Shane will be home for the first injections. I’ll do them myself, but it will be nice to have my other ears here to make sure we remember everything from the injection lessons.

We’re really excited. Nervous to be certain, but really excited.


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