Another Calendar Update

Another calendar update: 

Day 1: call doctor, check in. (9/23) – done

Day 3: start birth control pill (9/25) – done

Day 12: hysteroscopy and blood work, order injectable medications (10/4) – done

Day 19/26: IVF consent, Shane blood work, injection lessons, ultrasound (originally 10/11 – now 10/18) – done

NEW: Day 22: Hysteroscopic Polypectomy at Akron General Hospital; Meds arrive at FedEx – done

Days 27+: lots of shots, probably some ultrasounds – in progress, started 10/22

Day 29/36: Egg retrieval, semen deposit (around 10/21 – probably around 10/28ish instead…about a week of stimming drugs) – now probably 11/2

Day 33: Transfer of Day 5 blastocyst (around 10/26…five days after retrieval…so Day 41 now) – now probably 11/7

Day 38: HCG/pregnancy test at RGI (around 10/30…nine days after retrieval…now this will be about Day 45…around 11/7ish) – now probably 11/11

We started all meds and injections last night. I currently exist on the edge of a meltdown at all times. Maybe it’s just a rough night, but I’ve been in tears three times so far tonight…for essentially no particular reason. It’s been wonderful to have Shane to help me get adjusted to the injections, but I am also painfully (pun 100% intended) aware that he will be at work tomorrow night when it’s time. We’re going to FaceTime during injection time – solidarity – but I do know that it’s going to be a rough adjustment. It’s all an adjustment! 

Wednesday is our appointment with Dr. Nash to check in on our follicles to make sure they’re growing like they should. And in the meantime, despite the hormones and emotions, we are staying very focused on the task at hand – grow the follicles, prepare the body, prepare ourselves mentally.


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