Another Update & Ultrasound

Another calendar update, just the current stuff:

Egg retrieval, semen deposit – 10/31

Transfer of Day 5 blastocyst – probably 11/5

HCG/pregnancy test at RGI – probably 11/14, maybe sooner

That was this morning for the third ultrasound of the week. We’ve been going every other day for measurements and thankfully have seen progress each day. Today they measured 10 good looking follicles. Hopefully even more grow over the weekend but regardless, this is right in the middle of the sweet spot and I couldn’t be happier! The plan is to induce ovulation with a progesterone shot tonight and then egg retrieval surgery on Monday morning! We will know that day how many eggs are harvested and very soon how many were able to be fertilized. Our prayer is for three embryos. Seems like a good number. 😊

Otherwise, we are done with the stimulating drugs and are moving on to progesterone shots. Shane will have to do those as they go in the hiney and I can’t reach back there! I’m uncomfortable with the swollen ovaries but it’s manageable. I had the added bonus of a cold this week so that was a pretty great addition to this whole medicinal circus. Today though I’m feeling good – just a few sniffles to accompany the swelling. Overall, this is going much better than I could have anticipated!

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