Egg Retrieval Day!

Egg Retrieval Day!

We got to RGI around 7:45, Shane dropped off his sample, and then by 8:15 I was with the anesthetist and getting settled in. The whole process is quick – I think…I was out for it! Before I was really aware, I was being moved into recovery and was chatting with the embryologist. From ten follicles, they were able to retrieve five eggs. They expect 80% success in each stage…so four should fertilize, and three should be ready for implanting or freezing. That is our best case scenario. The embryologist should be calling us tomorrow with an update about progress. Fingers and toes crossed! 💙💖

Sadie and I were Roe-ing in the embryo leggings I bought for transfer and implanting day!
Post-op – happy news and super dry mouth!
Recovering at home
Rough day for Shane too
Late night snuggles with Sadie while I wait for meds

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