Count ‘Em

Count ‘Em…

On Sunday morning, we were just about ready to head out to church when one of the embryologists from RGI called. She had me in tears – in the best way. We were able to freeze two embryos! That means we got exactly what we prayed for – three healthy embryos! To go from a 5% chance of conception, to incubating one and freezing two other embryos (that made it past the blastocyst stage to Day 6 – freeze day!) is a tremendous blessing. We are so, so very happy.

We are also very focused on each day’s progress. For example, today is five days past transfer. According to the IVF blogs, that means that today, the bun should be burrowing into the lining. It would have started yesterday after hatching and should be finished on Thursday. So we focus on that, visualize what that must be like for our tiny bun, and stay positive.

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