We had our standard routine of appointments on Thursday: acupuncture, ultrasound, blood work. I am truly loving the addition of acupuncture into our routine (though my wallet does NOT like it!). It’s incredibly relaxing and I feel like we have another health care provider in our corner, working to help us be as successful as possible. I feel less stressed, ready for this adventure. More ready than I did the last time, that’s for sure.

We saw Dr. Mooney this time for my scan and things look good. He said they like for the lining to be over a 7 and mine was a 7.8. He said it won’t grow much, but will instead start to change as we get closer to Friday’s transfer and *hopefully* implanting. The picture is of my uterus (and lots of other stuff!): the curser is pointing at the middle of it (the white line) and the oval that surrounds the white line is the wall of the uterus itself.


Going into this round, I feel so much more ready. The last time was scary, unnerving, unpredictable…no wonder it didn’t work. (Of course, Dr. Nash told us that the culprit was probably an embryo that wasn’t quite right…for whatever reason…but I’m also sure that my mental and physical state did not help.) I was talking through the last transfer day with one of my friends this week…I thought it was in two days…I go to work…I got a call: it’s today…hurry down here…we’re transferring a 3-day because we don’t think it’ll keep developing to 5…”honey, wake up, we’re going to Akron, I’ll be there in 10 minutes”…tell the principal…get a sub…write lesson plans…”sorry kids I’m out AGAIN…be nice to the sub, do your work”…zoom home…change into embryo leggings…hurry to Akron…”why are they doing a 3-day?…I thought we were doing five or a freeze-all?”…”I don’t know honey, you know what I do”…”I don’t understand”…”me either, but this is what they said”….change into these gowns…”do you want one embryo or two?”…anxiety…stress…confusion…doctor I don’t like comes in…uncomfortable transfer…”ok get up and go potty”…”what? I thought I had to sit?”…”nope! go pee!”…”ok bye! thanks!”…………… And that’s about how it went. Transfer day this time will start with an acupuncture treatment early in the day…a nice, leisurely drive to Akron for the transfer, another acupuncture treatment, and then a relaxing evening with my hubby. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Speaking of my hubby: Thursday was a big day for him too! He FINALLY got his offer letter to be the Cleveland area trainer for Paragon Systems! That means a lot of things, but most importantly, that means he will be working DAY SHIFT. He hasn’t worked days for THREE YEARS. OMG. The position comes with a vehicle, a raise (not a huge one, but the vehicle is like a raise in and of itself!), and some other perks, but most importantly, this is the job he wants and we will be working the same hours.


Today, Saturday, we stop taking Lupron, the drug that shuts down your system, and tomorrow we start taking progesterone (not my favorite part of the process, but I’ll survive!) along with all of the other drugs that will make me ready for Friday! My entire mental state feels differently this time. I feel comfortable, confident, excited…I felt none of that the last time. I’m actually looking forward to Friday! I know I will love my acupuncture appointments, and I’m incredibly excited to go see one of our babies! We will be praying for him or her all week as they prep for the defrosting process and of course, praying through this whole process for a sticky uterus and perseverance for our little blastocyst!

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