Tomorrow’s the Day

I wrapped up my day at work with a flurry of activity and lots of paperwork and have spent tonight working on relaxing and getting myself mentally prepared to get PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) tomorrow morning.

I took myself to Target because I wanted to find unscented shampoo and body wash…maybe that’s in the outdoor stuff but I certainly didn’t find it in the traditional aisles so hopefully our embryo likes to smell good! It was so peaceful to just wander the aisles and think about what tomorrow will bring…

I came home and did some laundry, talked to my BFF for a while, played with a newly groomed Sadie, made dinner, and settled in to catch up on some Hulu.

Tomorrow’s transfer is at 11:00am…we will go to acupuncture at 8…followed by a leisurely drive south with a breakfast stop…we’ll meet our baby, pray for a sticky uterus, and watch it zoom into place…we’ll head back north for another round of acupuncture, and then head home for a lovely, relaxing evening of movies and incubating this baby!

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