Sweet Pea. Maine Blueberry. Chocolate Chip.

I get a variety of notifications from various baby sites and apps every day that let me know all kinds of details about our growing bun. My favorite detail is the type of food he or she resembles this week – especially the junk food one. How funny is that?

My plan is to write at least weekly through my pregnancy. I’m very thankful to have the detailed notes from our infertility journey so I’m sure I’ll be glad to have this too!

Week 6 was pretty easy…the hardest part at this point is that it’s a giant secret that we share with our IVF nurse! As far as symptoms go, I have waves of nausea but they’re not a big deal. What is rough is that nothing fits right. My pants aren’t tight (except some from last year that were anyway!) but throughout the day, they HURT. I bought a BeBand from Target to help with that and it did…but I think I need to get myself some skirts and dresses that won’t bother my belly. Too bad I can’t just wear leggings every day – I’d be all set! This first trimester bloat is no joke people! I also have hardly any appetite but I still want to eat normally…gotta break that habit…I’m also pretty much completely exhausted at all times. That happened really early on – my afternoon AP class put a lot of energy into making sure I knew that I could sleep during their class (they had a pretty convincing argument – don’t worry – I didn’t cave!). Now it’s on a different level. I’ve always been a big fan of the afternoon nap – but these naps are hours long. I’m still not tired enough to fall right to sleep when it’s bed time, but I’m guessing that day is coming!

Shane and I are also going to buy one children’s book each week throughout the pregnancy… We started with Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon and Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss and then added Corduroy by Don Freeman and Old MacDonald Had a Truck by Steve Goetz and Edna Kaban (betcha can’t guess who picked that one?!). We’re two weeks behind, but my vision is one book per week with a little note written inside of each one to our baby…I may get a kid who couldn’t care less, but that’s something I would love to have. I treasure the little notes I have in books from my mom and dad – even just “Merry Christmas, Love Mum & Dad.” The library has to start somewhere – might as well be with a special project from this new mom and dad.

So here we go – headed into Week 7 (with a raspberry I think – crazy to think we started with something that couldn’t been seen by the naked eye less than a month ago!).

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