Week 7: Delivering the News

This week was SUPER busy. Lots of amazing news, reveals, tears, and nausea! (That last one was just me…)

On Monday, we went down to RGI for our first prenatal ultrasound. I have had an  fear of miscarrying or of the ultrasound revealing an empty gestational sack so I was pretty nervous about the appointment.

I wore my good juju t-shirt and leggings from the transfer and who knows if that means anything, but it sure did make my crazy self feel better while we waited for the ultrasound. Of course, we had to document so you could be right there with us!


As you can see, things went well. 🙂

Next was the business of relaying the information to the grandparents. I wasn’t entirely sure when my dad would get the news because, with him receiving weekly chemo treatments, so much depends on how well he’s feeling on any given day. I knew I wanted it to be early in the week, but also didn’t want to overwhelm him with too much commotion. I took him to an appointment on Tuesday and finally it clicked – duh – let’s do it then! So he and I went to find out if he had blood clots in his legs (nope – yay!) and when we got home, Shane was mysteriously waiting for us…and then Emily mysteriously appeared shortly thereafter! Gail was with her daughter getting things together for her other daughter’s wedding so we visited while we waited for her. When we were ready for the reveal, I gave Dad a t-shirt… When he and my mom announced their pregnancy with Emily 28 years ago, they gave me a t-shirt that said “I’m the Big Sister” so I knew I had to “get him back” with a similar shirt. The moment of telling my dad that he is going to be a grandfather was life changing. I remembered him telling me about what it felt like to tell his parents, 35 years ago, but of course that’s one of those things that you have to feel to believe. And feel it I did! I’ll post a compilation video once all of the announcements have been made. Trust me – it’s worth the wait!

Next was Shane’s mom and stepdad, grandparents, and sister. We had them over for a “promotion dinner” to celebrate Shane’s new job. We halfway planned to wait until Mother’s Day because we thought there wasn’t much better than telling his mom that she was going to be a grandma on Mother’s Day…but, once we were upon the ultrasound, we knew there’s no way we could wait! So we planned this dinner with a tasty reveal… we ordered cookies with the new titles on them… For example, his sister got a cookie that said “You have been PROMOTED to…” on a tag and the cookie said “Aunt Tonia”. We had them open their boxes of cookies at the same time and, just like that, they all got a promotion at the same time.

I know that I will remember these moments for the rest of my life. I am so aware that this baby has been longed for, for so many years, and not just by us. This will definitely be everyone’s baby – and for that, I am so thankful.

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