Week 8: Raspberry

Week 8 was far more low key than Week 7 because we had less going on…also, Shane was gone for the whole thing! My dad was in the hospital for most of it, so I spent each evening down there with him complaining about my nausea. It’s been the dominant symptom throughout…generally only subsides when I am actively drinking water. I also am having some dehydration symptoms (tightness in my neck, which I think is only a symptom for me!) so I’ve stepped up my fluid intake to include Gatorade G2 in an attempt to decrease thirst without increasing trips to the potty. Once summer hits, I’m not as concerned, but in the meantime, while I’m at school, I have to be careful of how much I drink and when.

I also started with what I think are round ligament pains. Most of the medical sites say they don’t start until the second trimester, but I definitely have what feels like a round pain on either side of my uterus. It really probably started last week – I was trying to describe it to my dad and I said it’s like a not very painful Charlie horse. I was Googling and turns out that’s how others describe it too – probably because it definitely feels round. This week they increased in frequency and, according to Dr. Google, can come earlier in pregnancy too, not just in the second trimester. Sounds like we have an overachiever on our hands!

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