End of Week 9

This week was pretty low key…the biggest change is that I am more and more uncomfortable in my clothes! I wore a dress to prom last night that by all accounts is too big…but not in the waist! I’m not showing yet – but the first trimester bloat is real! (I bulked up on my fiber this week so hopefully that subsides some!) The nausea comes and goes – right now it’s gone. I’m also still pretty tired, but maybe not as tired as I was? I also had a pretty easy end of the week with it being prom – yesterday I had a total of two seniors all day – so that may account for my increased energy. Can’t wait for the placenta to take over! I’m having some cramps (feels like a cross between menstrual cramps and gas. Lovely.) and more round ligament pains but that’s to be expected for a peanut that’s growing like crazy!

We also discovered at our checkup that I have a SCH: Subchorionic Hemorrhage. According to Dr. Nash, it’s not a big deal until it is… As long as the baby keeps developing, it’s not a big deal. In most pregnancies, the blood pocket is absorbed. I decided not to worry until we’re told to worry. (Definitely against my character!!)

Baby Bee’s Book Updates:

The Velveteen Rabbit

Richard Scarry’s Busy Town

How to Baby-Sit a Grandpa

The Berenstein Bears’ Moving Day

Goodnight, Moon (Thanks, Auntie Emmy!)

So we’re caught up through Week 9 and need to figure out Week 10. I’m loving this “tradition” we started – it’s so much fun to pour over the children’s books and imagine reading them all to our sweet babe. Can’t wait!

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