What a busy week! I (almost) ended it with graduation, so that was the primary focus. I was pretty exhausted going into the week but thankfully, by Thursday night, my exhaustion turned into just tired (there is a definite difference!) and I made it through the night! I crashed as soon as we got home of course, but that’s – dare I say it – normal!

The nausea was back again in Week 12 too, which really stinks. I’ll be very happy to unload that symptom! I was thinking that Week 12 ended the first trimester but we still have one more week. I’m looking forward to the promised relief it should/better bring!

We also, probably most importantly, graduated from RGI. We had our last appointment with Dr. Nash on Tuesday the 30th. One final ultrasound for a while, and one final appointment with the doctor who lead us through some very dark times to this happy place. (Well, probably not final appointment – we do have a sibling waiting on ice!) It was quick, like all of our appointments have been, and it was certainly bittersweet. Exciting to move on, strange to do so after being there (for what felt like) all the time for 51 weeks. Ironically enough, we will meet our new OB exactly one year after we first joined RGI as infertility patients.

Baby is the size of a plum this week!

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