The most important news of the week is: it’s summer! 🌞

This was the last week of my first trimester – hooray! The biggest news is that I had my first appointment with Dr. Gretchen Fisher at the Cleveland Clinic. I saw her on Tuesday morning. Auntie Emily came along again – what a champ. It definitely wasn’t an exciting appointment but I was glad to have another set of ears at an important appointment. I’d heard this was a long one – but was amazed at just how long! My appointment was at 11…we walked out at 1. We were called back almost immediately and only waited for the nurse then doctor for maybe five minutes each. At most! Dr. Fisher was excellent…very very thorough – obviously! I have a large binder of stuff to read about the pregnancy, delivery, etc. Summer homework? Rude! I have some blood work and other tests to take care of before my next appointment – which, by the way, seems so far from now! I’m so used to seeing the doctor biweekly or weekly or every few days – this monthly business is going to take some getting used to.

One of the tests that I’m going to have done is a genetic screen that, until recently, was done via amniocentesis. My mom had one done with Emily and I remember, even at six years old, the fear and anxiety that she had over that procedure – I’m thankful to be on this end of medicine!

Baby is the size of a lemon this week! And Mama is starting to show! 🙌

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