This was a fairly uneventful week in the pregnancy world – thank you God for that! My symptoms seem to be disappearing. Unfortunately, that means I can’t seem to get in an afternoon nap at all! I kind of liked being able to sleep at the drop of a hat! The better news is that the exhaustion is completely gone. 😊 The nausea is getting there – sometimes it still pops up, usually when I haven’t been drinking my water, but generally it’s gone too.

My bump is getting rounder. It was pretty much just poofed out before but now it’s much harder and rounder and, in the maternity clothes I picked up at Target, it’s actually visible! So far my maternity collection consists of a whopping one tank top and one pair of shorts… I’m super disappointed in the selection at Target! Before I was pregnant I felt like they had tons of maternity clothes – it’s just about one rack and it’s only true basics. Jeans. Tanks. Shorts. A couple of tops and a couple of dresses. Boo.

In better, not disappointing news, my dad was released from the hospital on Wednesday after a month in either the hospital or a rehab facility so that was the best news! He’s looking good – improving every day! 💪

Baby is the size of a peach this week! No books purchased – we are way behind!

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