When I go to write these posts, I always feel like nothing happened – boring week. But as I start writing, more and more comes back to me and I remember that we did have a few things going on. πŸ™‚

Last Sunday was Father’s Day – technically Shane’s first, although I’m sure next year, with a 6 month old in tow, will feel like a much bigger deal. We stayed at his mom’s house the night before in celebration of her birthday. I drove Shane and his mom and Hank around the Madison/Geneva area to various wineries and watering holes. They sampled the wines, I sampled the snacks! Yum! (The winner was the bruschetta at Old Mill Winery, in case you were curious!) We also played cards and ate deep dish pizza, courtesy of Giordano’s, when we returned from our outing and I learned a lesson – Mama can’t hang with the late nights anymore! I was exhausted the next day!

Speaking of which, it was Father’s Day. We spent the morning with Shane’s family at Eatin’ Park. We were, once again, blessed with a lot of baby gear to celebrate Shane’s first Father’s Day. We are definitely off to a good start with clothing! We went to my dad’s later and spent some time with him and Gail. When we got home, before we took our naps, I gave Shane his first Father’s Day gift from Baby B and me – a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Also this week, I had a screening with a genetic counselor. I learned that, despite being 35 and therefore in the “high risk” category, because the baby was made when I was 34, I’m at a lower risk for things like Down’s Syndrome. In fact, my risk is 60% less than 1%. That sounds very strange to me but I’ll take it anyway! We drew a genetic map of both side of my family – she said “wow” – and she is going to dig some digging into the probability of some of our issues being genetic and if they are, what can be done, etc. I’m going to have blood work done on Monday so I’ll get the results from her sometime this week. She will also know the gender then – hopefully we can figure out a way for her to get us the news “secretly” so we can be surprised at our reveal party!

Otherwise, it was a slow week! πŸ˜‚ Baby is the size of an apple!

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