Meanwhile, in baby land… on Monday, I was so uncomfortable. Clearly, the baby was trying to make room inside of its cantaloupe-sized home (yes folks, my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe. You’re welcome for the visual.). It must have worked because come Tuesday morning, there was a definite difference in my bump size! It’s still small, obviously, but it’s much bigger than it was!

Also on Tuesday, we had another appointment with Dr. Fisher and this time Shane got to meet her. He liked her a lot, like I knew he would. These appointments are just so funny though. Weight, pee, heartbeat, questions. That’s it?! At least the doctor is close by, I guess! I had another blood test too, though I don’t remember what it was for! She did take all the time we needed for questions though – and Shane brought a bunch! Mostly succeptability for a c-section or likelihood for a c-section. It’s sad that her willingness to answer our question makes us like her but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a universal trait. Regardless, we really like her and are glad to have her along with us for the ride!

Otherwise, we are getting ready for our gender reveal on Saturday the 15th. We will have more family than we expected, which is great news.

Speaking of great news, Baby B/ Eugene/ Baby Roo is looking good! (This is the test I couldn’t remember 😂)

Baby is the size of an artichoke this week! (And as a result I thought of my Aunt Sheila a lot more than normal – okey dokey arti-chokey!)

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