It’s been a terribly sad week. We lost our dad on Tuesday, August 1. I’m so thankful that he knew Eugene and that Eugene will know how loved he was/is! I’m honestly really struggling right now with grieving and with being happy – it’s very hard to find a balance. And I’m feeling very selfish. My dad was in terrible pain for six months and I’m wishing him back. 😔 I’m also so very sad that he and my mom will not be here to love on Eugene. I am, however, thrilled that they are finally reunited. I know being away from her hurt him for many years, so I’m grateful for that. And wishing they were here instead.

Baby is growing for sure! He’s making room and making my belly bigger every day. I really started to notice the difference in size at the end of the week. I was wondering not so long ago when I would pop – I think he’s popping! (Not pooping – yet – thank God!) He’s also kicking up a storm, when he’s awake anyway. I definitely know when he’s awake, that’s for sure!

Baby Eugene is the size of a carrot this week!

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