Another difficult week, only this time it’s been fighting the urge to text or call or tell my dad about Eugene kicking and punching up a storm! Or about my doctor’s appointment and how kind she was to me – and how great my blood pressure was! Or how wonderful it was to have so much family around for so long and how it made the first days bearable.


I did have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. As soon as we knew Dad’s cancer was terminal (a month ago on the 12th…needless to say, I’m still processing it all…), Shane had me send a message to Dr. Fisher letting her know what was happening in case I need to be more closely monitored. When he passed, I updated her and talked to a nurse who advised that I keep close tabs on my blood pressure but otherwise should be ok. At my appointment, my BP was 112/70! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ That’s the lowest it’s been in a LONG time. The meds are definitely working! She also updated us on our ultrasound: Baby Eugene is looking great! Everything is good, including the umbilical cord, placenta, fluid, and all of his own parts. She said he’s measuring in the 61st percentile, which isn’t surprising and yet it kind of is, with Shane as his daddy! Maybe I’m right and there is a good chunk of my own genes in there. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Eugene, as I wanted to tell Dad, is kicking like crazy! He’s been letting me know when he’s awake and when he’s ready for action! He’s also been giving me quite the back ache. It was sore on Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday were terrible. I bit the bullet and bought a belly/back support band. It seemed to help on Thursday: I was really struggling at Target so I picked one up there and put it on before I made my way to Costco and had a much better experience there! Still sore, but less twisting and pulling. I also complained to Emily far less. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Finally, I noticed my first real craving! I’ve had an aversion to sweets (still eat them some – they just taste bad. Pretty sure that’s called an addiction!) and I’ve liked more salty stuff but so far it’s been my usual…I always like pickles and cheese and other non-sweet snacks. When I was at my Uncle Dave and Aunt Kathy’s house on Sunday, I noticed that I’ve been eating a LOT of shrimp this summer! I never dislike shrimp but I’m also never drawn to it. Lately, when it’s available, it just tastes so good! Yum!

Baby Eugene is the size of a coconut this week!


2 responses to “Week 22”

  1. Hi be careful of the seafood. it could also make you sick. Just wanted to put that out there. Glad your BP is so good. That is so important. Love you


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