Oh Week 25…you have kicked my butt!

Most importantly, Baby Eugene had his first day of school on Monday:

And Mama did too. We welcomed back the Bearcats of BHS this week and man – let me tell you – there ain’t no tired like first week of school teacher tired! On Monday, I made the mistake of sleeping for about two hours after school and then had a heck of a time getting up again on Tuesday. Such is the life of a teacher…and a preggo one at that! I did much better with naps the rest of the week, keeping them to a minimum so I could get a decent night’s sleep. I never got overly exhausted at school, which I was fully expecting, so that was a pleasant surprise. My feet and legs didn’t swell up, though my legs have been pretty sore off and on, but it’s all been bearable. And the best part is – getting through a five day week to start the year has been rewarded with a three day weekend and a four day week! 🙌

One of my tasks for the weekend is more work appropriate maternity gear. I overestimated my own personal warmth and the outside temps and I’m going to need to procure some more pants and tops. Hoping for some Labor Day sales!

We also got a pretty sweet gift this week from the Hoovers – my aunt and uncle and cousins – our “high” chair! We don’t really have room for a traditional high chair so we thought we’d go with one of those clip on ones but that requires a real table – not pedestal – and we don’t even have one of those yet! (Our condo doesn’t have a dedicated eating space and the part of the kitchen that would be used for a table is currently being taken up by a kitchen cart.) Anyway, so we picked out a baby/toddler seat that straps to any chair.

It’s so cute! Eugene is going to look awesome in it! 😊

So the real story of the week is that I survived – and I managed to only accidentally almost call Dad once to tell him about my day. 🤦‍♀️ Sigh.

Baby B is the size of a cauliflower this week – no kidding! It looks and feels like it!!

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