Another week – and another trimester – in the bag!

It’s so hard to believe that I just finished my second trimester. I’ve heard it’s the easiest one…maybe on Mommy’s body, but emotionally, I will be thrilled to leave this time in the dust. I did feel good (physically) throughout but I’m ready for the next phase.

I had another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and I got yelled at…I gained 10 pounds this month…all things considered, we all decided that it wasn’t bad, but it’s still not good and I need to be more careful. The doctor said she would be more worried if I were watching carefully and gained – I assured her I was certainly NOT watching anything. I also got into trouble for having “concentrated urine”. I explained that, as a teacher, we only have the luxury of breaks at certain times of the day but neither the doctor nor the nurse (nor my husband) were standing for that explanation. I think I have a pretty good potty plan now that should carry me through to baby time. I love love love my job but man – potty time is such the plight of the teacher!

It is definitely time for some new shoes. I wore booties on Thursday and my feet weren’t as swollen (even with a heel, go figure) but I had sausage lines on my ankles from the socks – sooooo attractive! I’m thinking about Danskos on the advice of my husband and maybe some Crocs…the feet swelling issue certainly isn’t getting any better!!

More gifts have arrived too! We got our baby monitor and some ridiculously cute books from Sandy & Frank, friends of Shane’s family. Our house probably isn’t big enough to warrant fancy equipment but this neurotic future mommy is excited to be able to be as nosy as possible when he’s in his nursery! (When Sadie was at doggie camp last summer I may or may not have spent A LOT of time watching her on the doggie cams…) We also got the version of the Exersaucer that we liked – the Skip Hop Activity Center. It’s a three in one…my favorite! We’re trying hard to only buy items that are multi-use – we just don’t have the room for things that are one and done! – especially something as big as this. But I’m super excited that we will be able to get years of use out of it – thanks to my Uncle Greg and Aunt Janet!

Skip Hop

Baby is the size of a cucumber (or apparently a yellow turnip!), or 15.8 inches long, and about 2.1 pounds. (Obviously these are all averages…with a slight curve since Eugene is growing in about the 60th percentile!)

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