I had a rough start to the week…I was still sick from whatever that cold thing was/is…probably should have started home again on Monday but I soldiered through and by Thursday I was feeling pretty human-like again!

We saw Dr. Fisher on Tuesday and everything is still looking good – including Mama losing three pounds! 🙌 I didn’t set out to lose but we have been making a concerted effort to make better choices so I was glad it’s paying off. She told us that we are doing a good job. Darn right we are! (I’m not sure what we are doing so I’m just going to take the compliment and keep plugging along!)

Otherwise we are in the middle of a lot of home improvement projects… plumbing… plumbing repairs… drywall fixes… new hard floors… all new paint… all in preparation of the baby and hopefully a move. We are very aware of the size of our home and the lack of space for all of what accompanies a baby so we are hoping to be able to get this house ready to be rented out and purchase another by this summer. All of the projects should be done by November – and then we can put the nursery together!

Lil Eug is the size of a pineapple…about 18” long and 4 pounds! At this point, he should be gaining about 1/2 a pound a week…and Mama has permission to gain one pound per week.

Two months to go! 😳

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