This week I’m feeling thankful…it was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day on Sunday and my heart just ached for my friends and family who have suffered in that way. Being pregnant after struggling so long should feel like a relief, but knowing that others are still on the road is heart breaking. Some days, each kick is a reminder that I have friends who have not yet realized their dreams and I’m so very sad for them…and so thankful for Eugene. This week is also a good reminder of how much of a fighter my dad is – from the beginning, the deck was stacked against him. He was born early at 4 pounds! It amazes me that in 1951, the doctors and nurses were able to keep him going at that size! That size, by the way, is right on par with Eugene. Stay in, little guy! We aren’t done baking!

Also on Sunday, we went with our sisters to Patterson’s Fruit Farm for pumpkins and (we thought) apple picking. Turns out we are complete novices and didn’t think to check the picking schedule…the only apples ready to be picked last weekend were ones we didn’t want. Oops! Now we know – next year, we go Labor Day weekend. We did have fun though and got our pumpkins together in preparation of a carving day next week!

Otherwise we’ve had lots of kicking, lots of heartburn, and lots of getting ready for the next phase of home repair/nesting. The painters will be here on Monday so there’s been lots of cleaning, taking things off walls, packing things away…it’s been a real treat. 😂 Shane is definitely nesting hard – maybe more than I am! He’s so eager for all of the projects to be done so that we can put the nursery together – and we’re almost there!

Speaking of the nursery, we picked out the rocker/recliner for the nursery this week at Wayside Furniture in Akron – our favorite furniture store! They had a closeout on Flexsteel and we got ourselves a deal!

It was marked $2000 originally and we paid $950 out the door with tax, delivery, etc. (Thanks Grammy and Nana!) What I love about it is that it isn’t a “one and done” item – it will work in our living room once we’re done rocking babies to sleep.

Last size update with the brown bathroom walls – and that mirror! Stay tuned for the new decor next week! This week Baby Eug is about 18.2” long, and about 4.12 pounds. He’s growing like a weed! (Or a squash…?)

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